HP 300 SE




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While the sound of the HP300MK2 preamplifier was characterized by its rapid response and transparency, the HP300SE completely electrifies the listener. According to the “6moons” online magazine, its control, tension, vitality and refreshing clarity are so bubbly that listeners cannot avoid snapping their fingers, tapping their feet and bopping their heads.The OCTAVE HP300SE is a further development of the HP300MK2. It enhances the OCTAVE preamp range with greater flexibility in terms of the large number of connections and useful features. The revised line stage and re-engineered power supply unit provide the HP300SE a completely unadulterated sound quality. An extremely high signal-to-noise ratio has been designed into the modified line stage. The amplification of the line amplifier is adjustable in three stages, enabling optimal matching of the total output to the efficiency of the speakers. Both outputs – XLR and RCA – have an extremely low output impedance, so that cable lengths of up to 10 m can easily be used without any detrimental effect on performance. The HP 300 SE is also easily capable of driving solid state power amplifiers with an input impedance of up to 600 Ohms.With a separately housed external mains transformer, the new HP300SE power supply unit benefits from optimized mains filter characteristics and extremely low-noise, precision voltage controllers in the preamp. Both systems are perfectly matched and audibly reduce the noise and interference level of the HP300SE.The OCTAVE HP300SE is genuinely versatile, with two independent XLR inputs, three RCA inputs, one monitor output, two RCA outputs, one XLR output and a home theater bypass function. The HP300SE optionally provides a MC phono input with a wide range of adjustment for cartridge loading. The balanced output makes use of a precision balancing transformer, with a facility to connect or isolate the ground connection to the power amplifiers. This is a useful feature for preventing high-frequency interference currents induced in the ground connection of the connected units.The HP300SE entices the user to listen to music.“With the HP300SE‘s exploded bandwidth, ... power amps had more lucid top-end response than usual. That makes it a kind of wakeup call. So it‘s good morning to ya. Get ye cracking.The Octave HP300SE is here to address you ...”(6moons audio reviews Octave HP300SE (2013) from Srajan Ebaen)

Line stage
Frequency response (Gain High) 10Hz - 200kHz / -1.5dB
Signal to noise ratio -92dB (Gain High) / -108dB (Gain Low)
Output impedance 50 Ohms RCA / 150 Ohms XLR
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.03%
Phono MC
Input impedance 40 – 1000 Ohms
Signal to noise ratio -75 dB
Dimension 438 x 77 x 410 mm (WxHxD)
Dimension (Power Supply) 110 x 80 x 250 mm (WxHxD)
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