V16 Single Ended



The founding principle at OCTAVE has always been to apply modern innovations to classic tube technology.

The founding principle at OCTAVE has always been to apply modern innovations to classic tube technology. OCTAVE technology entails a further developed tube amplifier topology utilizing an innovative, independent approach until the traits that correspond to the company philosophy are achieved: powerful dynamics, low noise, wide bandwidth, incredible stability, extended lifetime, and comprehensive safety. For 30 years now, OCTAVE has exclusively crafted high-end amplification products that have fully embodied these afore-mentioned characteristics. The OCTAVE approach has been market proven and validated, and no other audio company has achieved what OCTAVE has accomplished in this regard.

The time has now come for OCTAVE to apply the company’s exclusive amplifier technologies to a single-ended design, as this circuitry is desirable for its natural audio reproduction and is capable of realizing clear sonic benefits that are particularly ideal for high-efficiency loudspeakers as well as for headphones. Single-ended amplifiers possess a naturally harmonic sonic signature and offer an extremely lucid midrange, as the music signal is not split and thus no crossover distortions of the positive and negative half-waves arise.

While the natural sonic character and midrange clarity of the single-ended circuit is uniquely desirable, there are also some known limitations to the single-ended amplifier topology that needed to be addressed:

1. Level reduction in the bass frequencies – OCTAVE has eliminated this problem inherent in single-ended amplifiers via a new, highly specialized magnetic-field compensated output transformer. OCTAVE is renowned for its proprietary transformer designs which are developed, wound and meticulously crafted in-house. The power bandwidth in the bass frequencies of the V16 Single-Ended remains linear up to 10Hz as a result of this customized transformer design.

2. Level reduction in the high frequency range and limited bandwidth – By means of specific driver stages and an optimization of the feedback, OCTAVE has been able to extend the bandwidth of the V16 Single-Ended from 10 Hz to 100 kHz, a bandwidth spec that was previously considered impossible to achieve from a single-ended amplifier design.

3. Relatively high residual noise in the loudspeaker output – The level of hum in the V16 Single- Ended was rendered virtually immeasurable via OCTAVE’s optimized positioning of the mains transformer in respect to the output transformer, which also negates the need for an outboard power supply. The company’s sophisticated electronic stabilization circuits serve to further ensure that any source of noise or hum is eliminated. The low-frequency noise level achieved at the loudspeaker as well as the headphone outputs of the V16 Single-Ended is in the range of -110dB / 1W at 8 ohms, which corresponds to approximately 15 – 20μV at 50Hz.

4. High temperatures during high-current rest in Class-A operation – Most single-ended Class-A amplifier designs are extremely overstretched, typically idling up to 150% of the rated tube power. Thus these devices become very hot during normal operation.

     a. The V16 Single-Ended amplifier utilizes an adaptive three-step setting of the Class A mode. The Class A Level is automatically adjusted between 100% and 30% to the load profile of the loudspeaker (4/8 Ohm) and headphones, which considerably reduces the amplifier’s operating temperature, while significantly extending its lifespan as well.

     b. In addition, the V16 Single-Ended features a unique version of OCTAVE’s energy-saving „Ecomode“ technology, which serves to reduce the Class-A level to 30% during pauses in the music signal, and inaudibly rises when a musical signal is once again present.

The long development time of the V16 Single-Ended has surely paid off: an uncompromising single-ended Class A integrated amplifier that delivers ultra-quiet operation highlighted by deep bass, a natural midrange and silky-smooth highs combined with an unsurpassed degree of reliability and longevity.



Inputs 3 (2 x RCA Line, 1 x XLR Line)
Frequency response 20Hz – 100kHz/-3dB
Loudspeaker Output Power 2 x 8W @ 4 Ohm
Headphone Level 3V/8V
Headphone Impedance 15 – 600 Ohm
Dimensions 22 x 33 x 33 cm / 8.7” x 13” x 13” (W x H x D)
Weight 19.1 kg / 42 lbs
Tube fitting KT 120 (standard)
Alternatively KT 150, KT88, 6550, EL34
Features Connection for OCTAVE Black Box, Remote Control (for volume), Pre Out optional Available
Finishes metallic Black, ocean Blue and ice Grey
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