RE 320

The Octave RE 320 stereo power amplifier marks a significant evolution of this model series. The heart of the amplifier, the actual amplifier stage, is completely revised. Because for the first time the technical details of the Jubilee SE models have been utilized.

Together with a specially developed power supply for the SE-concept, as well as highly specialized, wideband transformers, the RE 320 can drive almost any speaker on the planet and always plays -unaffected by the load - at the same extremely high performance level.

This SE technology, previously implemented in the new Octave V 80 SE flagship integrated amplifier model, is characterized by significantly enhanced stability and extreme linearity.

As the experienced author Roland Kraft has carved out unambiguously in the review of the RE 320 in the German hifi magazine Stereoplay 03/2016: "We know very few tube amplifiers that are so uncritical in terms of speakers and therefore are able to unfold their sonic capabilities in virtually any combination.”(Please click here to access the complete review)

The concept is based on the modern KT150 power pentodes. The extremely high current of the KT150 allows a maximum output power of about 2 x 130 W with two tubes in push-pull mode.

The frequency range of the RE 320 extends from 5 Hz to 85 kHz. Looking to the impulse power, the 320 can achieve over 200 watts. This type of power delivery guarantees an inimitable sovereignty, with huge reserves while perfectly representing the effortless dynamics that distinguishes Octave.

A variety of modern and innovative detail solutions ensures a constant performance level that will last for years. Thus, for example, the noise level is so extremely low - by more than -110 dB, that even with high efficiency loudspeakers no hum or noise is heard.

Many practical features such as the precise adjustment of the BIAS, the power switch for different tube types, the intelligent ECO mode, the optional connection for the external black box modules and the switchable RCA and XLR inputs make the RE 320 stereo power amplifier a universal playback partner in this component category.
The RE 320 enchants with a sound that is stable and reliable at all loads. The ease of musical playback is particularly impressive and thanks to the incredible control the sound always remains composed, honest in its dimensions and conveys even the finest details with an irresistible naturalness.

Black Box Connector
OCTAVE, with the Black Box technology, offers an upgrade path for optimizing the OCTAVE amplifier in respect to the speaker. This flexibility is a unique feature of the OCTAVE brand.
The dynamic and tonal stability of an amplifier is strongly dependent upon the stability and capacity of the power supply, therefore the Black Box and Super Black Box were developed as external upgrades to the OCTAVE amplifiers’ power supply storage capacitors by increasing their capacitance by a factor of 4 (Black Box) or 10 (Super Black Box), respectively. This is a tremendous benefit if the speaker is difficult to drive. Loudspeaker efficiency is made less critical, while the amplifier is enabled to handle speakers with extremely low minimum impedances.

BIAS Adjustment
The Output stage of the RE 320 operates in Class A/B, and therefore requires an adjustable BIAS regulation. The highly sophisticated yet extremely simple yet accurate BIAS calibration system is accessed on the front panel of the unit. It utilizes external precision bias trim pots and LED confirmation, allowing the user to readily monitor the output tubes and simply correct their bias individually at the top panel - without the need of a micrometer let alone any special knowledge or tools.
The correct BIAS is vital for the constant sound quality of the RE 320. Due to this facility there is no need for a technician to service the RE 320 for changing or tubes or to check their condition. The precision of this user friendly system is within 0.5% accuracy.

Power Management and Protection System
The RE 320 is equipped with a multi-stage Soft-Start/Turn-On protection circuit which extends component as well as tube life considerably by protecting against stress caused by typical high inrush currents during switch-on. The unit starts in a defined sequence, with the Protection System monitoring the RE 320 completely, and activated whenever a malfunction is detected. Once the Protection is activated, the RE 320 is powered down.


Technical Data:

Tube complement KT 150, Driver Stage: 3 x ECC 82
Power Output

2 x 130W into 4Ohm in High Power Mode

2 x 75W into 4Ohm in Low Power Mode

Frequency response 5Hz - 85kHz / -3dB
Signal to noise ratio >-110dB
Dimensions 488 x 210 x 410mm (W x H x D)
Manual Download