The perfect match for any application

The right choice for your fabric is essential to get a perfect picture quality. Since we don't make any downstrokes regarding this key aspect, we decided to discontinue all entry and mid-range fabrics, when we took over Image-Screens.

Every single fabric, we offer, has absolutely high-end quality. Furthermore the complete fabric range is 100% certified for 4K (and higher) as well as for every common 3D projection.

The next good news is: you don't have to pay any surcharge for any fabric. We want your eye to select the fabric for your screen and not your wallet!

NIVO White


NIVO Silver




In harmony with humans and nature

All Image-Screen fabrics have been manufactured in reference to European high eco-standards. Health issues like plasticizer, like you sadly find in cheaper products from the fareast, are nothing we want for our customers. Also in terms of flammability you don't have to worry about anything, since all our screens are fulfilling the M1 7201-96 standards and are therefore "hard to inflame". Last but not least, we built your Image-Screen to last a life!