IMAGE Screens


Real home cinema experience starts with a screen …..

….because only the screen creates real cinema atmosphere in your most favorite place:

Your home.

High-Tech Screens for perfect pictures

Founded in 1999, the German based Image-Screens company quickly become one of the world’s top brands when it comes to high-end screen solutions.

Image-Screens can be found in many post production studios, as well as in multiple professional installations and in some of the worlds most famous home-theaters.

When we took over Image-Screens in early 2014 (due to an accident, the former CEO had), we decided immediately to get full focused on the basic strengths of Image-Screens: high-end frame screens.

That’s why Image-Screens are extremely competitive – and even more in the future, since we are doing very much efforts regarding research & development.

You can't get it more German

Image-Screens are completely built in our own facility, located in Braunshorn, near Koblenz. Our very own employees are absolutely focussed in delivering the best possible craftmanship to every single screen.

In comparison to many companies we don't trade with relabaled Asian-stuff. You can even check that for yourself, since you can visit our showroom, next to our production-lines, were we welcome customers from all over the world.

In trusting and choosing Image-Screens you will benefit in many ways.

Highest possible product quality including 5 years of warranty

100% German-made, with ecologically built parts and fabrics

leading technology in terms of visual and mechanical properties

unmatched flexibility – we build your Screens exactly for your needs