When size matters

NIVO xxl's designated purpose already is manifesting in its name:

In applications with projection-widths larger than about 5 meters, most fabrics come to their limits. NIVO xxl however allows seamless projection surfaces with up to 4 times larger screens, than almost any other fabric!

For that reason, NIVO xxl is popular for use in museums and exhibitions. Furthermore this fabric is very sturdy, which makes it the perfect choice for outdoor applications.

Due to the thick and robust material, NIVO xxl delivers a perfect flat and waveless surface, even with huge surfaces. There is no need of high-end tension systems to ensure a good flatness - for that reason, this fabric can easily be mounted by a push-button system, which saves time and money.

Of course, NIVO xxl also performs extremely good in terms of color space, picture sharpness and light efficiency!