2010S2 DAC



Technical Data:


This being the digital age,we feel that there is a need for a quality DAC that delivers good sound from various sources. The 2010S2 DAC is the first of its kind from Exposure. It has been designed to deliver real Hi-fi sound from compatible digital outputs. Give it a go – you will be surprised how good your music,movies or computer games can sound.Multiple stages of regulation for SPDIF input receiver, USB input, clock oscillator, DAC and output stage for accurate output.Very clean master clock to SPDIF input receiver and USB input to ensure low jitter operation.Discrete filter and output stage for optimum performance (no Op-Amp ICs).Digital output can be switched "on" or "off" (and is re-timed) to reduce the jitter level as compared to SPDIF input. This function can also be used to convert USB input to SPDIF output.

Frequency Response 20Hz - 20KHz ± 0.2dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005%,at 2V RMS 1KHz output
Signal to Noise Ratio >110dB,ref 2V RMS output @ 1KHz
Channel Separation 20Hz - 20KHz,>60dB
Mains Supply 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (factory set)
Power Consumption 20VA
Dimensions - H x W x D 90mm x 440mm x 310mm
Nett Weight (unpacked) 5kg
Gross Weight (packed) 7kg
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