Signature Tuned ARAY USB



The Signature USB features four separately shielded conductors. The signal conductors are silver plated, insulated with PTFE and fitted with dual layer high frequency effective shielding and a Tuned ARAY conductor geometry developed for USB cables. The 5 volt cables are pure copper with a gas foamed Polyethylene insulation and a high density braided shield. All connections are soldered and the USB plugs are silver-plated to our specification in the UK.

There are quite a lot of storage and streaming devices available and the Signature Tuned ARAY USB is an obvious choice to try with these. Don’t pass the chance by to try the Signature Tuned ARAY USB with a computer/laptop though. If it’s full of decent rips of your own CD collection, high quality downloads or is being used for streaming something like Tidal and you have a decent DAC, try the Signature Tuned ARAY USB.

The Signature Tuned ARAY USB is available in standard 1m lengths. Custom lengths are available to order.