The Chord Company





The Chord Company – a company dedicated to offering you excellence in audio and audio visual cable design.Our products have earned us numerous accolades in the audio and recording industries over the past two decades.

At Chord, we continue to drive cable design and technology to its limits in an effort to preserve those precious audio and video signals. Our philosophy is quite simple but surprisingly unique in today's world of self-service and the "quick fix". We believe in high performance standards, long product life, top quality components and customer service. We supply and support specialist dealers worldwide. They offer you, the end user, a spectacular array of performance products and will help you get the best solution for your needs.

Cables have long been an overlooked component in systems, with many people using poor cables that actually reduce the enjoyment of well chosen components. We have never wavered from providing our valued customers with the best we can offer. Try our cables for yourself, contact your local retailer, connect up a new Chord cable and prepare to relax and enjoy yourself.