Carnival Silver Screen

“It made my system sound so much better, I couldn’t believe how much I was missing with my previous cable.”Carnival SilverScreen is a speaker cable with a difference and that difference is a dual layer foil shield. We first introduced shielded speaker cable with our Signature speaker cable. The Chord Carnival SilverScreen brings all the benefits that shielding speaker cable can make but at a price that lets everyone experience the improvements.

From entry level upwards, every hi-fi system responds to the introduction of shielded speaker cable. More detail, improved dynamics, better timing, tonal neutrality across the frequency range and most importantly of all, a hugely enjoyable and involving musical experience.

Carnival SilverScreen can improve the musical abilities of almost any system it is fitted to, and this applies just as much to home cinema systems as it does to hi-fi systems. The sheer number of components and the amount of cabling involved in a typical multi-channel home cinema and music system makes a compelling case for the use of a shielded speaker cable. Wiring the front three speakers with Chord Carnival SilverScreen and the rear speakers with either Carnival Classic or Leyline works really well, the effect of the shielding making big improvements to detail and definition. Vocals, either spoken or sung, are clearer and easier to follow. Sound tracks are more involving and immersive and if it’s music you are after, bass lines are easier to follow and dynamics easier to hear.