Exposure Electronics launches its very first 360 turntable



Date: 2024-06-07


Fact is, Exposure has been making great gear since 1974 — with product lines that include power amps, pre-amps, integrated amps, and power supplies — but in their 50 years of electronics experience, the 360 is actually their very first turntable.

Let’s see how they did. The 360’s plinth is made from a lightweight laminate, using polyurethane foam as its core. The table is fitted with a high-quality precision tonearm with its mounting braced to the bearing housing. The arm is suitable for use with MC, MM, or “other cartridges,” though a cart is not supplied. The bearing is an ultra-low friction brass hub, which is anchored to the plinth using a machined aluminium collar.

The 360’s subplatter is part of the bearing assembly, itself a single piece of machined aluminium, and it is said to “improve speed stability, compared with [an] ordinary plastic type,” according to Exposure. The platter is made from dual-layer float glass, which “also improves speed stability due to increased platter mass, which increases the flywheel effect.”

Additionally, the 360’s external power supply — shown above, next to the table — includes a precision speed controller. The unit is precision-matched and tuned to the motor for each individual 360 table, and it incorporates pushbutton speed selection for 33⅓ and 45rpm playback. Exposure feels that “using a separate power supply reduces the chance of noise entering the turntable and keeps delicate low-level signals away from sources of potential interference.”

Also supplied with the 360 is a smoked polystyrene dust cover, and the table — which is available in black only — boasts a three-year guarantee. Its isolation feet are made from Santoprene rubber and reinforced by aluminium, and the table also sports a 24V motor with an aluminium pulley. The Exposure 360 table measures 447 x 120 x 360mm (w/h/d), while the power supply is180 x 50 x 155mm (w/h/d). The 360’s gross weight is given as 6.5kg, and net weight is 5kg.