Siltech Cable Authentication Service



There has been a long history of fake Siltech cables in the audio market. These fake products have a high resemblance to the genuine ones which makes it difficult for consumers to identify and often causes great loss to them. Siltech has the urge that such should no longer be allowed and decided to step up its efforts to combat these fakes.

In order to safeguard the rights and interests of both the brand and consumers, Siltech has launched a cable authentication service for its users.

Verification scheme

Users can register their Siltech cable products purchased within 2 years (excluding discontinued models) in the below online form. Alternatively, they can bring their cables together with the purchase receipt (including shop name, address, and phone number) and the original product information card and visit our “Home Entertainment Center" showroom in Wanchai to register. We will collect such information according to Siltech's requirements, and then send it to their factory for verification. The customer will be notified by phone of the result.

Verification service fee schedule:
1) Classic Series starting from HK$1,000
2) 35 Years Anniversary Series starting from HK$3,000
3) Royal Signature Series starting from HK$3,000
4) Triple Crown Series starting from HK$5,000
※ The above fee schedule does not include shipping charges.

To fill out the registration form, please click:

Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2489 2269


※ Richcoln Company Limited is committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality and security of the personal information we hold by complying with the requirements of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance with respect to the management of personal information. The information provided will be used for the sole purpose of Siltech cable authentication, and will never be disclosed to a third party.