Audio/Video Tuning Service



"Home Visit and Audio/Video Tuning" service

Worried about the less-than-ideal sound reproduction of your current audio system? Please do not hesitate to reach us for assistance. We at Richcoln Company Ltd will provide professional "Home Visit and Audio/Video Tuning" service performed by our technical team and experienced senior audio consultants. They will conduct professional assessment and sound tuning in your home to elevate the overall sound quality of your own system. This service covers 2-channel audio and home theater systems.

The objective of professional "Home Visit and Audio/Video Tuning" is to serve our customers and other audio aficionados. By systematic precision tuning, we can make your equipment work to its full potential thereby accomplishing the the best sound reproduction.

Basic assessment / inspection fee is HK$1000. Charges for complete system upgrade is dependent on complexity and duration. The pre-paid assessment fee can be deducted on completion of job. Please refer to charges list for details.

Please reach us by sending e-mails to <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> , WhatsApp us 9149-2164 or our hotline 2489 8068 to appoint the date and time for our "Home Visit and Audio/Video Tuning" service. Provision of a detailed current equipment list and content of required improvement is necessary.



Charges Detail    
A. Two-channel audio systems:  
Basic assessment / inspection HK$1,000 
Fine tuning / aligning / connecting turntable, tonearm, and cartridge combination : HK$3,500 and up
Sorting out equipment anomalies : HK$1,500 and up
Re-arranging in-room loudspeaker orientation : HK$1,500 and up
Re-connecting and re-configuring existing system
(excluding analogue vinyl turntable)
: HK$4,000 and up
Installing NAS streaming playback system : HK$2,000 and up
B. Multi-channel home theater systems:  
Basic assessment / inspection : HK$1,000
Home theater equipment tuning (sound effect) : HK$4,000 and up
Re-connecting and re-configuring existing equipment : HK$2,000 and up
C. Background music and PA systems:    
Basic assessment / inspection : HK$1,000
Equipment tuning (sound effect) : HK$2,000 and up
Re-connecting and re-configuring existing equipment : HK$2,000 and up
  1. Estimated duration of each job is 3 hours. Additional half amount of overtime work will be charged.
  2. Service will commence upon customer's verbal agreement / authorization and reception of advanced cash payment.
  3. The afore-mentioned service applies to Hong Kong Special Adminstrative Region only. Charges are negotiable outside the region.
  4. Our audio consultants and technical team have always been committed to serving customers with seriousness, extreme care and prudence. In despite of this, Richcoln Company Ltd will not be liable for any degrees of damages to individual audio components, turntable / tonearm / cartridge combination, etc having arisen from accidents amidst the task.