10th Anniversary Gold-Plated Edition

Miracles 24K Series

1) Interconnect Signal Cable

2) Advanced Power Cord

3) High-grade Speaker Cable



A world-renowned audio product brand, BTL is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. Originated from Germany, BTL wowed the industry from the very beginning with its Aerospace Gold Series and Silver Series, Filling the demanding gap for a good quality product in the market, BTL naturally leapt to the top in the world of Hi-Fi audio brands.

In the course of the past decade, BTL became the first choice and most sought after brand for Hi-Fi enthusiasts. On top of the already famous Aerospace Gold Series and Silver Series, BTL has since introduced the enhanced version of Aerospace Silver Series and Classic Series based on popular demand. With sophisticated material and technology optimization in mind, BTL achieved the highest score with its Legend Series, which the formation of this comprehensive range satisfied a wide range of audio fans.

As BTL celebrates its tenth anniverary, the brand exceeded its own merits and introduced the Miracles 24K Gold-Plated Series. Putting advanced technology with years of experience, the Miracles 24K Gold-Plated Series is an extraordinary jewel in Hi-Fi audio wiring and a meaningful commemorative edition for the brand.

High Quality Aerospace Standard Conductor

Miracles 24K Series is make with the most advanced design philosophy and material choice in mind. It uses a unique alloy smelting technology to achieve aerospace manufacturing technology standards, and take advantage of the various materials to produce high quality sound. Using the unique relationship between electromagnetic fields and rigorous dielectric shield to improve the efficiency of current, it minimizes the wire resistance and provides more stable platform for signal and better power pathway transmission. Along with greater current carrying capacity, the conductors are able to achieve a higher degree of signal transmission thus reaching the ultimate goal of real sound playing.

Highest Grade of Isolation and Shielding Design

BTL has always taken wire shilding and insulation application very seriously and there is no doubt the new Miracles 24K Series is able to achieve more with its new breakthough of research and development. Instead of traditional plastic insulation and conventional materials, the new series uses mica, ceramic , glass, quartz and natural fiber composition in the power cord and wiring to effectively enhance the overall electrical performance, heat resistance and shock resistance.

Miracles 24K Series uses double tinned copper briaid and military standard MIL insulation materials to build the shielding wall that isolates the transmission of conducted electromagnetic radiation and internal source of interference into an individual space. It uses the electromagnetic shielding effect to provent interference in the EMI/RFI conductor, and also strengthen the internal EMC/EMS performance. With this , neither of the conductor's micro electromagnetic field energy can interfere each other, and it can protect the weak signal from ecternal interference too. This extensive course of development results in the strong internal organnizational capacity and unparalleled stable transmission.

The Highest Quality of 24K Gold Plating

In order to allow for optimal transmission, the new BTL Miracles 24K Series wire products such as power cord plugs, balance XLR connectors, speaker cable and RCA connector shells are designed using aerospace aluminum alloy material.

This material is widely used in aircraft structure and fuselage aircraft parts. It has the characteristics of high shielding and high strength yet light weight, resulting in the strong ability of signal protection to prevent transmission distortion and interference to a minimum.

Together with BTL's unique coupler plug wires and grounds, Miracles 24K Series ensure the best connection at all times.


It is worth mentioning all the products in the Miracles 24K Series are plated in 24K gold. This costly and thick layer of gold gilt design is beyond just for looks, more importantly the gold plating produces the best surface oxidation treatment that is long lasting and minimizes fading. On top of the gold-plated surface, BTL added another layer of transparent protective film in order to further prevent erosion. These careful thoughts in design and craft for perfection are the reasons that set BTL above from the rest.

BTL has created a real miracle with the Miracles 24K Gold-Plated Series, surpassing the rest with advanced technology and product superiority. It is the best choice for all audio lovers.