Balance Technology Lab





Balance Technology Lab (BTL), which means "research in high balanced transmission technology”, was established in 2003 by several engineering and acoustic technical experts in the German BTL Lab. BTL International currently employs the most advanced equipment for research and development, testing and measurement, to meet the unique, high accuracy ASPC technology and SCIN shielding technology, in producing a fine wire with high fidelity. Since our product’s launch, it has won extensive market praise. In 2005, Balance Technology Lab (BTL) in the UK set up a global operations management center that expands the business development end of the market further.

BTL deploys an advanced design and physical philosophy as core concepts. All of our series deploy unique metal smelting technology, and the power wire conductor is in full compliance with the standards set by the Aerospace Science and Technology. BTL takes full advantage of the relationship between conductors and insulators, magnetic field and the skin effect, per share conductors, precision design; coupled with rigorous shielding technology to effectively improve the transmission load capacity of the strong current. Therefore, our wires have the least resistance of current for more stable and fast conduction which incites better signal and power transmission paths. This greatly improves the current carrying capacity as just one advantage.

BTL invites a new understanding about the characteristics of the equipment you use. The effects become increasingly real with a system that is more sensitive, helping to realize superior high fidelity signal transmission and real sound replay.

Unique technology

Revert-to-Zero Conductor Technology - Towards more complete sound stage effects

The wire, as the transmission bridge between equipment with pureness of conduction, has become a key influence. However, each conductor will also be influenced by manufacturing substances. This affects the process of transmission leading to a frequency offset that indirectly changes the system’s fidelity. Better wire production by BTL, in addition to a concentrated focus on manufacturing materials, means we have a unique set of stringent practice standards regarding the total length of the line itself and the material mixing ratio.

Since each metal used in conductor transmission will produce different electrical, resistance, and thermal conductivity, if the conductor is composed of more than metal material; these basic elements will become more complex. Such complexity means the design and production process requires extremely precise calculations in order to achieve accurate and almost zero distortion standards in the wire. This is equivalent to getting rid of the external factors of the conductor itself, without any sound distortion, and a completely straight transmission state.

The BTL Audio Cable combines a number of physical applications of technology to achieve the most accurate transmission. Each wire has the following 5 elements:

1) Super Transmission Performance Performance) - The signal line of audio equipment is mainly used for transmission of high-frequency currents, whereas the power cord is for transmission of low frequency currents. Both would be affected by the conductor manufacturing substances. BTL wires deploy different series of gold, silver and copper for better regeneration effects and better high fidelity. A correct proportion and combination of substances helps the transmission signal specifically and makes for more targeted deployment. Each wire in the design is based on precise calculations, total length and exact material combinations which need each other to integrate the appropriate ratio, and extremely high temperature treatment thereafter. Before being sent out of the factory, the products are tested to ensure they are the best quality based on the industries best current standards.

2) Current Density Enhancement - Density reflects the physical parameter ratio of the materials and their special characteristics. Different substances will have a specific frequency transmission to make the appropriate impact when the signal is transmitted through a conductor where the conductor particle jolts from front to back. Therefore, the electromagnetic effect of each conductor material density causes some signal distortion to a certain extent. In accordance with British Aerospace Science and Technology Standards (BSG), BTL wires go into production, using these laws as core concepts.

The density of the conductor is very sensitive to composition, structure and temperature changes. Based on world-class strict indicators, each high-fidelity signal transmission and power supply wire is produced to replay real audio with enhanced liveliness.

3) Electromagnetic Shielding - There is an existence of a "Skin effect" in each conductor. It is the alternating electrical current in the conductor, or alternating electromagnetic field, where some current will stay concentrated on the surface of the conductor. This causes the current within conductor to create a phenomenon of uneven vortex dispersion. This "Skin effect" makes the resistance of the conductor to increase along with the increase in the frequency of the alternating current, which reduces the wire current transmission efficiency. The end result is energy consumption. BTL deploys the Intertwining of multi-strand metal wire woven into a group of independent conductors causing the electromagnetic field to be more evenly distributed, creating a "skin effect" offset phenomenon and producing an "electromagnetic shielding" effect at the same time. The resultant “electromagnetic shielding” effect efficiently deadens the electromagnetic waves that penetrate the conductor, in order to ensure a superior uninterrupted transmission process.

4) Accurate phase lapse elimination to guide the best sound field results - The impact on overall "phase" in the sound system is especially important. A phase for a wave and given moment in its position in the cycle is a measure of the change of the signal waveform. Basically, there will be a phase in each equipment and transmission wire where the mismatch between devices would create the phenomenon known as "phase lapse". This is especially the case with analog signal transmissions, which are extremely vulnerable to interaction between the equipment like an object in the visual producing a ghost image. Hence, the overall sound will become cloudy, and greatly affect the level of clarity. BTL makes great efforts to research this phenomenon, with the deployment of computer programs to carry out a large number of precise calculations which enable BTL products to adhere to structured specifications and strict quality controls in its production materials. This is to ensure the elimination of the phase lapse problem, letting the transmitted signal to complete the transfer, in turn unleashing the signal’s true nature.

5) Extremely rigid and tough conductor strength - Signal transmission itself is a state of the level of transmission. Although the load current is not high, the resistance of the conductor on its own can result in consumption of electricity that will also produce heat; causing heat nearby the conductor range thus forming tiny “thermal effects”. Larger currents traveling through the power cord will make the conductor produce larger amounts of heat. The longer the power runs, the more significant the “thermal effect” is. Long-term use would also make the insulator age easily causing conductor tissue deformation and affecting the accuracy and integrity of the transmitted current. BTL also deploys military MIL standards for production in which their wires can be used for long-term use and still maintain tall straight conductors; not affected by thermal effects.