Classics Power’s


Classic Series – With alloy smelting into the conductor wire. Alloy has good thermal and electrical conductivity, which contributes to the speed of electronic mobile transmission.

BTL Advanced Power Cord:

BTL’s advanced power cord and shielding techniques have stringent requirements and a new concept and production processes for production. This ensures that the wire can effectively eliminate EMI / RFI electromagnetic interference due to the current confusion interference which results in hindered equipment performance. In order to strengthen EMI anti-interference technology, BTL has specially strengthened the wire’s internal EMC / EMS performance. This helps prevent the micro electromagnet and conductor from producing magnetic field energy interference on each other, and is also effective in the prevention of other electromagnetic interference. BTL’s clever use of current electromagnetic fields balances the inertial effects of the current, resulting in smoother current flow as smooth as the water in the conduit.

Each independent wire within the power cord is in line with British Aerospace Science and Technology BSG and U.S. MIL manufacturing standards. Insulation isolation body by PTFE band and glass fiber dips PTFE mixes, weaves and forms into an insulating layer, then each conductor uses tinned copper to braid an independent shield.

The superiority of the conductor and excellent joint is the foundation for our products success. A successful product must be detailed into perfection to significantly show the product’s maturity. For BTL, outer wire braids and shrink sleeves combined with MIL military-grade raw materials are the first selection made for insulation. Then, fire-retardant, anti-moisture, and anti-corrosion materials boost the best performance by improving the strength of the mechanical activity.

BTL cables deploy superior conductors, extraordinary ideas, and innovative special structures to obtain the best voice transmission capable. Our imaging focus in the sound field, level positioning, space reduction, background purity, and resonance quality has attained the highest level.