Classics Interconnect


Classic Series – With alloy smelting into the conductor wire. Alloy has good thermal and electrical conductivity, which contributes to the speed of electronic mobile transmission.

BTL high-grade Interconnection signal cable:

The standard of BTL signal Cable is fully compliant with the AES (American Audio Engineering Society) issued wire transfer high standard specification and EMC measures. BTL’s advanced signal wire is very particular about the internal wiring and anti-jamming defense performance.

Efficient shielding techniques: double tinned copper braid and insulating materials form a shield wall that causes electromagnetic field radiation sources in the transmission within the internal area of the conductor and interference sources to separate into two independent spaces.

Our signal line is of the highest quality alloy conductors through multi-strand thin wires twisting into a single conductor. This is also in coordination with other high-quality insulating materials intertwining to form two mutually insulated conductors in order to improve the propagation velocity in accordance with certain specifications to achieve the signal transmission standard requirements.

High-quality insulators: deploy low-loss high-density foam polyethylene as an insulating material, equipped with high temperature resistance, anti-high-frequency radiation and good mechanical toughness characteristics; resulting in smaller dielectric loss in the wire itself. The insulator then undergoes a rigorous chemical treatment to prevent internal static interference and insulation aging which in turn greatly improves the transmission efficiency.

In order to ensure the best performance in connection with better transmission, BTL connectors from Germany and Europe are deployed with outer braid and shrink sleeves selected from the finished product in the military MIL areas. The insulation becomes more fire-retardant, moisture-retardant, and corrosion-retardant, improving the mechanical activity intensity with superior performance.