Classics Speaker Cable


Classic Series – With alloy smelting into the conductor wire. Alloy has good thermal and electrical conductivity, which contributes to the speed of electronic mobile transmission.

High-grade Speaker Cable:

BTL’s stereo speaker line is designed purely for music lovers, letting speakers unleash their real strength. Every model shows exquisite German craftsmanship where design concepts breakthrough traditional designs and mix with the essence of physical transfer. The wires undergo a special chemical liquid treatment for oxidation. Each group’s special alloy wire is a combination of military insulating materials and a protective layer. The wires also use the law of direction and strands that divide into four groups. Each conductor’s stranded space distance was reduced to the minimum and formed into the overall wire and combined into a geometric structure; skillfully producing an anti-interference function. The overall wire has a two-tier independent shield radiation film equipped to prevent radiation and electromagnetic interference. Their delicate, soft, and superconducting properties combined with the internal layout of the structure can reach maximum transmission carrying capacity to perfectly transmit information and achieve the best fidelity and sound performance.

In order to strengthen the wire shielding, BTL deploys double tinned copper wire braids and military MIL standards. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulation materials form a shield wall and cause the transmission of electromagnetic field radiation sources within a conductor. The source of interference is then separated into an independent space, and deploys a skin effect offset phenomenon in the form of electromagnetic shielding to prevent EMI / RFI electromagnetic interference that would penetrate the conductor. This strengthens the performance of the internal EMC / EMS and causes the micro electromagnet and conductor to have no effect on each other, effectively preventing other external electromagnetic interference. This also results in the ability of internal organization that forms antibody immunity and more effectively uses the current of the electromagnetic field, enabling more stability in information transmission.

The BTL high-grade speaker cord’s superior insulator deploys low-loss high-density foam polyethylene insulation material. It possesses high temperature resistance, anti-high-frequency radiation and better mechanical toughness characteristics, resulting in smaller dielectric loss. It then undergoes a rigorous chemical processing, in turn preventing internal static interference and insulation aging. A perfect combination of conductors greatly improves transmission efficiency.