HiFi Furniture Milan 6 Acoustic HiFi Support Range




Milan 6 Acoustic HiFi 4 Furniture Support Range Design Copyright © to Custom Design (Newcastle) 2014
The Milan 6 Acoustic HiFi 4 Furniture Support Range continues our philosphy to manufacture hifi furniture which compliments the hifi systems and homes of our customers.

The philosophy of Custom Design is to question and challenge it's own ideas, including design, which inspires our designer to be creative. We are proud to present the Milan 6 Acoustic HiFi Furniture Support Range.
Perceptions of Hi-Fi furniture have changed, design is important. That is why the Milan 6 Acoustic HiFi Range have been designed as furniture first. Then with the 28 years of experience and knowledge, details added to enhance the Milan 6 HiFi Furniture Range Acoustically to the highest standards without compromise.
The Milan 6 Acoustic HiFi Furniture Support Range are manufactured from only FSC sourced solid hardwoods including real Oak, real Walnut and real Ash. Each piece of real, solid hardwood we supply has been hand selected and colour tone matched to the best of our ability, please visit our colour swatch page to view the finishes available. All of our real, solid hardwoods are sourced from only FSC fully licenced, professionally managed forests and thanks to techniques of sustained yield forest management more hardwoods have been grown in the last 30 years than have been harvested.
The Milan 6 Acoustic Range includes iRAPs ( Isolation Resonance Absorption Platforms ) for each individual shelf supplied as standard. The constrained layer dampening system which converts resonance noise vibration to heat, combined with the solid hardwood supports eliminates natural frequencies occurring throughout the supports design structure. The resulting improvements are very significant, more focus on detail with better timing, speed and accuracy, especially to the dynamic range. There is a greater depth and inky blackness provided by the bass performance with clarity to vocals and the stereo imaging.
Custom Design only source cardboard packaging from PEFC or FSC certified companies, where 76% of the cardboard packaging has been manufactured from recycled material and can be 100% recycled.
The 6mm Clear or 6mm Black glass shelves are manufactured to EN 12105-02 standard with polished edges and designed support 30kg per shelf. The Milan 6 HiFi support range are designed with  with a discrete radius front edge design.
The Milan 6 HiFi Furniture Support Range are supplied with standard shelf spacings of 150mm, including the M8 Zinc plated isolation spikes, other spacings available include 110mm, 200mm, 250mm (includes a set of exensions) or 300mm (includes a set of extensions) as an optional extra. The modular design feature enables the addition of extra shelving as and when your Hi-Fi system matures and expands.
Standard Dimensions - 570mm (H) x 570mm (W) x 400mm (D)
Standard Shelf Spacing - 150mm including zinc plated M8 Isolation Spikes
Shelf Spacing Available - 110mm - 150mm - 200mm  - 250mm(includes a set of extensions) - 300mm (includes a set of extensions))
Internal width - 480mm
Finishes include - White, Natural, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut and Black with Clear or Black Glass

Image: Milan6 Acoustic Hi-Fi 4 -  Oak with Clear Glass shelves 150mm spacing
Floor protectors optional extra.
Image: Milan 6 Acoustic HiFi 3 -  Walnut with Black Glass shelves 150mm spacing
Floor protectors optional extra,
Image: Milan 6 Acoustic HiFi 3 -  Oak with Clear Glass shelves 150mm spacing
Floor protectors optional extra.
Image: Milan Hi-Fi 2 -  Walnut with Black Glass shelves 150mm spacing
Floor protectors optional extra.
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