Report of the Guangzhou International AV Fair 2015

Date: 2015-12-05


The Guangzhou International AV Fair 2015 took place at the Dong Fang Hotel from 27th to 29th November as scheduled. Active participation of more than 200 audio brands was involved, making the exhibition an influential event, both at home and globally.

As one of the foremost distributors in the industry, Richcoln Company Ltd found its booth in Conference Room # 2 on the ground floor of Tower II. It is the largest room in the premises, with an area of 134 square metres.

This year's AV Fair featured a few audio brands we have recently introduced in China, namely Peak Consult loudspeakers of Denmark, AnalogueWorks turntables, Audiophile Base audio racks of UK and Audio Alchemy digital audio products of USA. The most striking demo product was the Kepheus Momentum speaker system by Peak Consult, giving its world premiere! Two units of Burmester's 909 MK5 stereo power amplifiers were used for bi-amplification, rendering the sound of drum strokes stunning and spectacular.

The analogue source components comprised Acoustic Signature's "Novum" turntable with its latest TA-3000 12" tonearm and a top notch moving iron cartridge "Zephyr MIMC" by Soundsmith of USA. During demo sessions one simply forgot the existence of a Hi-Fi system as if attending a live orchestral concert.

The event also witnessed a presentation by Richcoln, High Fidelity magazine and Hong Yin Tang record company of Beijing to introduce the post-production of "The Dragon's Tune", an audiophile CD recorded 15 years ago.

The Guangzhou International AV Fair 2015 drew the attendance of audiophiles and music lovers at home and abroad, who responded with passion and packed the show venue. Although amidst the depressing global economy, we are confident that growth of business will resume with introduction of higher quality audio products and raising the quality of after-sales service.