Vinyl Workshop (Session 3)

Date: 2015-08-19


Session 3 of Vinyl Workshop took place in Richcoln's Home Entertainment Centre last Saturday afternoon, 15th August. Hi-fi guru Mr. Franz Chan demonstrated to attendees the correct way to adjust vertical tracking force (VTF), vertical tracking angle (VTA) and anti-skating force while giving a vivid explanation of these audio terminologies to clarify the common misconception among audiophiles.


The finale of our training course of analogue audio system setup will take place at the same venue on Saturday afternoon, 29th August. Mr. Franz Chan will talk about such neglected issues as tonearm/cartridge mating and cartridge/ phono amplifier interface. To thank attendees of our Vinyl Workshop, an extra 20% discount off our retail prices will be offered on analogue related products like turntables, tonearms, cartridges, phono amplifiers and accessories. The discount period will last until 14th September.


To take part in Session 4 of Vinyl Workshop please dial 2489 8068 for confirmation. Enrollment is limited to ten people and are on first come first serve basis only.