The Shenzhen Cultural Exposition 2015

Date: 2015-05-21


The period from 15th to 17th May 2015 saw the 11th Shenzhen Cultural Exposition and the 11th Yeller Club High-End Show at Central Walk Shopping Mall in Futian District. Richcoln Company Limited was invited to participate in the event and set up its flagship audio system from Germany, comprising Burmester's 069 CD player, 077 preamplifier, 909 MK5 power amplifier, BA71 floorstanding speaker, 948 power conditioner in Exhibition Room # 10 with the Burmester Phono 100 phono preamplifier as the feature of the Show. It was partnered with Acoustic Signature's Storm MK II analogue turntable with TA-1000 tonearm and Soundsmith's "Sussurro" moving iron cartridge for music reproduction on LPs. The software used for playback consisted of the finest analogue recordings by Decca.


The nobility, purity of tone, detailed and glossy sound and grain free high register inherent of Burmester impressed visitors to the show venue everyday. Vocals, bowing sound of the violins, micro-dynamics of percussions, musical details and dynamics of large-scale orchestras were fully captured, reflecting the superb control and truthful reproducing capability of the system to re-create an expansive, holographic soundstage and transform our exhibition room into a world-class concert hall. This year the hero of the show was Burmester's all new Ambience BA71 3-way speaker system with an Air Motion Transformer and two 170mm midbass drivers in D'Appolito configuration and four 170mm bass drivers mounted on the front baffle. On the rear of the speaker is an Air Motion Transformer with user-adjustable, defeatable level control for enhanced soundstage presentation. The Acoustic Signature Storm II / TA-1000 / Soundsmith Sussurro / Burmester Phono 100 combo performed to near perfection in all respects, demonstrating the best in analogue sound recordings.


Saturday 16th May saw the most touching evening in which our audio consultant Mr. Franz Chan was to conduct a Hi Fi concert of fine music on analogue discs. The exhibition room was packed with audiophiles. Enthusiasm went high despite air-conditioning issues. Attendees were reluctant to leave until completion of the session two hours later. They were overwhelmed by the impeccable performance of our demo equipment and responded with applauses. The short 3-day span ended leaving us an impression that the music literacy of our fellow Chinese is being elevated to an unprecedented level. Fine music can enrich people in quest of better living and we are committed to helping them achieve this goal.