Peak Consult Press Conference

Date: 2015-04-15


Saturday, 11th April 2015 witnessed Richcoln Company Limited's announcement of its appointment to exclusive distributorship of Peak Consult products in regions covering China, Hong Kong and Macau. Peak Consult is a manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers handcrafted in Denmark. Richcoln Company Limited will be dedicated to promoting Peak Consult's high quality products and providing relevant after-sales service in our region.

In the lounge of Richcoln's showroom stood the tall figures of Peak Consult's Typhoeus Momentum and Kepheus Momentum. To the far right stood the Empress VII, a model well integrated into the average home in Hong Kong. Despite its smallish size, the 70kg weight requires excessive strength to move it. In the Home Entertainment Room (Red Room), an Octave V80 integrated amplifier, partnered by a Burmester 102 CD player, was used to drive a pair of Princess X loudspeakers. Another high-end listening room housed a system comprising the Zoltan V speaker, driven by AVM SD5.2 streaming decoder and SA8.2 power amplifier. The Dragon Legend, Peak Consult's flagship and highlight of the event, found its place in our largest Home Theater Room.

The press release commenced at 2:30 p.m. Mr. Thomas Yu, Managing Director of Richcoln Company Limited gave his welcome speech and unmasked the Dragon Legend. Its colossal stature instantly draw the attention of the press. To demonstrate the might of the largest speaker ever distributed by Richcoln, two Burmester 909 MK5 power amplifiers rated at 1,930W into 4 ohms in bridged mode provided the muscle. Partnering them were Burmester's flagship 069 CD player and 077 preamplifier, to match the noble status and price level of the Dragon Legend.

The Dragon Legend 's baffle design featuring multi-faceted surfaces around the drive units is accomplished through years of experience, numerous tests and subjective evaluation. The D'Appolito drive unit configuration ensures uniform direct sound arrival time and minimum phase inaccuracies while the multi-facets optimizes off-axis response and reduces diffraction further. The cabinet has no parallel surfaces to induce "standing waves" that adversely handicap low frequency performance. The superior cabinet design provides a firm foundation for excellent sound quality.

The Dragon Legend uses top-notch drive units throughout. The silk dome tweeter by ScanSpeak features a patented Symmetric Drive motor system with six neodymium magnets surround the voice coil. The cast aluminium face plate is coated with rubber for minimum resonance and a rubber pad surrounding the dome reduces diffraction. The baffle is topped with textured leather to give a luxurious touch and further eliminate remnant diffraction. The midrange units are custom made by AudioTechnology of Denmark for Peak Consult, featuring lasting polypropylene cones which are not deformed with time. The bass units, again custom designed and made by AudioTechnology for the "Dragon Legend", feature carbon-reinforced sandwiched cones for minimum distortion and cone breakup-free performance.

Only the best components are used in the crossover network -- proprietary capacitors made in-house, air-core inductors and silver carbon resistors by Duelund Coherent of Denmark. They are then silver-soldered and sealed in separate chambers for screening against electromagnetic interferences. All internal wires, with tubular conductors, are custom made by Stereovox, an American high-end cable company. These well reflect Peak Consult's ultimate aim for perfection.

Every person in the Peak Consult team is a skilled Danish artisan with higher goals to bring you the best loudspeaker possible. The biggest goal is to bring the listener to a "You-Are-There" sensation. The awareness of sound staging, room dimensions and sense of instrument location are high priorities in every product from Peak Consult.

During the demonstration session, Mr. Lincoln Cheng of Audiotechnique journal was present to share a few CDs of spectacular sound to let attendees have better understanding of the Dragon Legend 's full potential.

Richcoln Company Limited will follow its tradition of "Faithful Commitment to End Users" to provide audiophiles with state-of-the-art music performance.