Greedy Choice – Octave V70 Class A Integrated Amplifier





Article from "HiFi Audio"
For a long time, there has been a group of the enthusiast circle who are pursuing Class A to amplify pure sound, intoxicated by a few watts of gold, and do not mind its low efficiency. However, in terms of mentality, it is certain that more people want to have both! Earlier, Octave founder and designer Andreas Hofmann developed this point, and launched this new work this year, the V 70 Class A amplifier unit.

Octave is already an internationally renowned Hi-End tube amplifier brand, and it is still moving forward, and there are always surprises every once in a while! Just like the boutique gadgets made two years ago, the 8-watt single-ended pure A integrated amplifier and DAC V 16 Single Ended; and the upright mono giant structure last year, the 30-watt single-ended class A flagship power amplifier Jubilee 300 B . This year, Octave will use the V 70 Class A merger to bring surprises to enthusiasts!

In the Octave family, Integrated amplifier already have five large and small models, including V 16 Single Ended, V 40 SE, V 70 SE, V 80 SE, V 110 SE, that is, the V 70 has SE version (Special Edition), the next V 70 will of course have new works and new selling points, Class A, but more then that, as the name suggests, adopts the A-type working mode, but behind it, it is not just as simple as the A-type.

In short, it is to create a class A high quiescent current bias, low distortion, simple harmonic components and other advantages to push-pull amplify to balance the relatively low efficiency and low output of class A shortcomings the design of. Andreas Hofmann combined the above concepts, and after extensive feasibility studies, he came up with a brand-new Octave high-bias amplify concept, and developed a V 70 Class A with a pentode vacuum tube output, an push-pull amplifier.

Dynamic bias control, a new class A technology of Octave. That is to change the limited dynamic range and the limited power of Class A according to demand. The setting of dynamic working point realizes automatic adjustment of Class A working mode, so that the output power of V 70 Class A can be as high as 50 watts. If an independent power booster (Super Black Box / Super Black Box) is added, the peak power can be more Push up to 70 watts. In this regard, this dynamic bias control combines the timbre purity of Type A with the dynamic and high efficiency of the pull-type A/B technology...

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