ASCENDO IMMERSIVE AUDIO – the future of home theater


Date: 2020-07-30


ASCENDO GmbH was founded in 1999 by Norbert Heinz, Dipl. Oec Stefan Köpf and Dipl. Phys. Jürgen Scheuring. The year 1999 marks the beginning of the ASCENDO history with System MS and System K. System Z-S followed in 2000, System E in 2001. In 2003 System ZF3 and System MF2 were presented for the first time. In 2004 the MKII version of System E was launched. System F, the successor to System E, followed in 2009. The MKII version of System F has been available since 2012.

Among them, "AIA" is the new home theater series speaker system launched by Ascendo in March 2015. In addition to applying the achievements accumulated over the years in the Hiend field to the multi-channel field, it is also the world's first manufacturer to apply the "AVB" transmission technology to the civilian audio field. "AVB" has obvious advantages over traditional analog signal transmission in dealing with big data transmission, long-distance, high-complexity speaker system management! In addition, in the cinema speaker research and development and manufacturer, it has been at the forefront of the industry with a bold and crazy style and continuously launched products and technologies that shocked the market.

Today, I like to recommend a cinema subwoofer product-SMSG15.

The SMSG15 convinces in every single aspect, whether in high-profile home theater systems or the editors of renowned worldwide magazines. Awesome performance paired to excellent sound quality dressed in an amazingly compact enclosure - these are the mainstays of this successful and award-winning conception.


Specification (selection)

Speaker type

Custom-built 15“ woofer, 10cm voice coil, 36mm linear excursion, with AIA Speaker Management technology




117dB Cont. / 120dB Peak

Frequency range

18Hz to 200Hz



Width x Height x Depth

430 x 500 x 460mm