Burmester Phase 3 integrated sound system




Phase 3 is quite simple in terms of architecture. An All-in-One source/amplifier main unit can be used with a pair of bookshelf speakers. On the surface, it looks like an audio system that is generally sold on the market, but friends who have seen Phase 3 may not think so.

This Phase 3 audio system is sold in two versions, one is Retro Style with the factory’s traditional chrome panel, the typical Burmester style, with a simple and stylish design, chrome front baffle but bright red speakers The cabinet is quite modern. But the other Loft Style uses a dark gray metal finish, and the equipment frame is configured with a simple line of metal plates, showing the European industrial style as a whole.

In a recent case, a domestic customer bought a Loft Style industrial-style Phase 3 and placed it in a modern private office. The stainless steel desk, bronze wall, grey imitation wood floor and chrome-plated table lamp reflect the owner's preference for all-metal beauty. The entire Loft Style is made of matte metallic gray, which brings a retro look. The sound shape is embellished with simple lines with metal plates, presenting the sense of the times of the ancient European industrial revolution. It complements the room decoration, not at all old and rough, but makes them reflect each other and create a sense of harmony.

The unique artistic style of Phase 3 is Burmester's decades of experience in designing and creating in the Hi-End field. Phase 3's All-in-One host model is 161, which is based on the fusion of the music server Musiccenter 151 and 101 and the integrated amplifier technology. The 151 is the essence of Burmester's flagship Musiccenter 111, and its performance is no doult. As its evolved version of 161, the playback function covers CD, USB, Internet streaming, Apple AirPlay, Internet radio and other aspects. In addition, 161 can also copy your collection of CDs directly to the 161 built-in 2TB SSD, while the system and music backup are taken care of by another SSD. The factory conducts a full-function remote control for its customized dedicated APP, which can be operated by users via smartphones or tablets. In addition need to insert the disc into the host to play the CD, the user can completely control all functions by remote. In the power amplifier part, the output of 100W per channel is enough to provide more than 200 feet of listening sound pressure. You can see a rich variety of connection terminals on the back of the 161 host, which is very flexible in use and has the ability to connect to other equipment; it provides 1 set of balanced XLR analog input, 1 set of balanced XLR analog output and 1 set of RCA unbalanced analog output, which means You can use 161 as a pre-amplifer instead of a completely seal system. The digital input and output parts are equipped with 1 set of optical fiber and 1 set of coaxial respectively, which can receive music digital signals from other inputs, such as TV sets or Blu-ray players, etc., making Phase 3 a home audio-visual control center.

Phase 3's speaker model is B15, which is based on the bookshelf B10 and further improved. The biggest difference is that the tweeter is replaced by a more advanced pneumatic tweeter, and the internal divider is also adjusted. B15 is a two-channel bass reflex design, which has better low-frequency extension capability than B10. The sound box is made of 48mm thick high-density HDF material. The front baffle is covered with solid aluminum with a thickness of 10mm. A variety of sound-absorbing materials are used to eliminate resonance. , The diaphragm of the 170mm mid-woofer unit is made of glass fiber material, which has high rigidity and lightness. It improves the transient response ability. With the AMT tweeter, the frequency response of the B15 is expanded to 40 ~ 45kHz (±3 dB ). In addition, Phase 3 adopts elevation angle design and height adjustable, which is more conducive to the correction of high/low sound phase.

No matter the appearance or the design concept of Phase3, it is undoubtedly a new thing created by Burmester. Burmester brings together mature technology and audio materials on this work. Simple operation, rich functions, and unique appearance make Phase3 not only a gorgeous home decoration matching element, but also the quality of a Hi End audio system.