OCTAVE V16 revolutionised the single-ended design

Date: 2017-09-29



“Octave mastermind Andreas Hoffmann revolutionised the single-ended. And created a sensational amplifier.”

“The enclosure format is not a design quirk, but rather due to a construction which uses all kind of tricks to bring down the signal-to-noise ratio to much lower than a sensational minus 100 decibels. This has such a positive effect on both the head-phone and the loudspeaker operation with high sensitivity speakers that the v16 reveals details which, until now, are often drowned out by the noise. This goes along with an exemplary three-dimensionality, stupendous velocity, sometimes – for an SE amp – frightening low bass puch, the wonderful timbres of a top-notch triode single-ender and – subject to high sensitivity, high impedance speakers – unparalleled dynamics.”

“Combining a top-class headphone with an extremely efficient (fullrange) loudspeaker, an active or bi-amping system.”

“This is undoubtedly the best amplifier I've ever listened to over my speakers.”



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Product Octave V16 Single - Ended