PMC first cor integrated amplifier review by

Date: 2017-09-27


the-ear's, René van Es, had no hesitation in awarding the cor with a 'Best Buy' seal of approval and said the following about our pure analogue amplifier:

“I have been searching for an amplifier that gives me the power, drive and purity I hear in PMC’s studio monitors. An amplifier that does not alter the speaker’s character but enhances its capabilities, and here it is: the cor!”

“The cor is an extension of the loudspeaker, giving the most pure sound PMC is capable of, a natural partnership in every way.”

“The presentation of music is fluid, powerful, natural and impressive.”

“The cor is a mighty fine amplifier that will make you smile as long as you play your music.”

“It is one of the most transparent and characterless amplifiers that I have had the pleasure to use at home.”

“Recommended from the heart and soul.”


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PRODUCT  Cor Integrated Amplifier