New, epoch-making AV technology redefines networked audio/video signal transmission


Date: 2016-7-29


Richcoln's new AVB home theatre fully supports modern surround formats like AURO 3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The AURO 3D 13.1-channel system requires employment of Ascendo's CCRM and SMS series of loudspeakers equipped with AVB networked transmission interface, totalling 22 coaxial loudspeakers and 4 large subwoofers. The pictures provided well illustrate its detailed hardware configuration.

This home theatre features a breakthrough in its design. AVB networked transmission of audio signals is fully utilized throughout - from the surround-sound processor to loudspeakers via Ethernet connection. The most alluring element of AVB lies in its exceptional speed, nearly zero error and phase accuracy, elevating the sound quality to achieve high-end calibre. This offers incomparable advantages over conventional analogue signal transmission, which suffers limitations of cable construction and the detrimental effects of inductance, capacitance and phase shift incurred. The coaxial loudspeakers by Ascendo of Germany offers a phase cohered point-source polar pattern peculiar to this type of drive units and has an inherent capability to create an embracing holographic 3D soundstage. In addition, each loudspeaker is powered by a built-in amplifier rated at 1000 watts. The integration of AVB's ultra-fast, zero-latency networked signal transmission frees all issues that have handicapped the sound quality of conventional home theatres. The introduction of AVB networked audio signal transmission doubtlessly serves as a golden key to a fantastic home theatre.



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