Gentle,yet powerful - OCTAVE RE320 flagship stereo power amplifier


Date: 2016-7-19


An important figure in high-end valve amplifier manufacturing, Octave Audio launched its latest, most mentioned valve power amplifier RE320 at the Munich High-End Show venue this year. This has arisen from its use of the most sought-after new generation valves - KT150 by Tung-Sol. Following the introduction of KT150 in the V80 SE integrated amplifier, these power valves are finally implemented in power amplifiers. The RE320 was flown directly to Hong Kong soon after its Munich debut and delivered to HiFi Review's sound room. The evaluation was conducted by River Chan, the Editor, whose understanding of the KT150 power tube and Octave Audio's previous style of valve amplifier design is noted. On auditioning the RE320, he noticed a change in sound tuning, obviously in the right direction. The RE320 has borrowed technology for developing the Jubilee power amplifier in its design, while incorporating the SE-concept power supply system and highly professional wide bandwidth transformers dedicated to the development of SE (Special Edition) models. The combination of KT150 power tubes enriches the RE320 with superb driving power and control thus enabling it to easily drive inefficient and power-hungry loudspeakers. One can have a clear picture of the RE320 stereo valve power amplifier, which embodies Octave's latest audio technology by reading River Chan's report.


Product OCTAVE RE320

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