The most astonishing amplifier stand - bFly audio PowerBase XL


Date: 2016-06-17


bFly audio of Germany specializes in engineering all types of vibration absorbers for audio equipment. The latest PowerBase not only provides effective absorption covering the full audio spectrum and control of vibrations, but also features interference screening in addition. An earthing screw beneath the aluminium bottom plate dissipates high frequency interferences from the surroundings when connected to ground. This vastly improves the sonic performance of the Accustic Arts Drive II CD transport, resulting in a considerably larger soundstage and more transparent sound picture, better retrieval of nuances, richer ambience, livelier pace and deeper bass. The PowerBase can serve as support for analogue turntables, CD players, preamplifier and power amplifiers. If I can try it out with the more sensitive analogue turntable, I will be overjoyed. Vinyl aficionados may purchase one to explore its full potential.


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