Auditioning Burmester 151 Musiccenter


Date: 2016-02-17


In comparison with its flagship sibling 111 Musiccenter, the Burmester 151 is much less expensive. This might give an impression of being an entry level product. In terms of features and sound quality, the 151 is absolutely high-end. It supports conventional CD playback, playback of music files via USB, UPnP/DLNA music streaming, Internet streaming services like Tidal, playback of music provided in built-in hard-disc and Internet Radio. Like the 111 Musiccenter, the 151 can perform user CD ripping to augment your music library. Two SSDs with 2TB capacity are provided for music data storage, operating in RAID 1. While one of them is used to save your music library, the second one saves the identical information to ensure your data is secure in the event of hard disc failure. The 151 impresses by sustaining its sound quality irrespectively of sources played. The music reproduced gives a sense of intimacy. It delivers a transparent, fast, and detailed sound that presents the sound signature of top notch Burmester products.


Reviewed by K. F. Leung, Audiotechnique magazine

Issue 411, December 2015


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