Roar of the Dragon Legend is shocking high-end audio scene worldwide


Date: 2015-04-27


Stunning Tour de Force that conquers all


A close encounter with the Peak Consult "Dragon Legend" impressed me with Per Kristoffersen's persistence in the approach to high-end audio and his design expertise. The attention to detail was exceptional, even in view of its gigantic stature. All the drive units and crossover components were housed independent chambers. The two 11-inch long throw woofers did not exhibit enclosure resonance of any kind even when played back at excessive level. Reproduced bass was fast with the right attack and extended well towards 15 Hz! Dynamic range was extremely wide. Drum strokes were articulate and full of impact while soft passages were clearly defined.


The Dragon Legend was capable of reproducing the piano and violin with the proportion that compared to live performances, with almost microscopic retrieval of details.....


I was awed by the massive enclosure of extremely high rigidity, boutique-class drive units and D'Appolito driver configuration that renders an ideal point-source sound radiation.....


PDF Roar of the the Dragon Legend is shocking high-end audio scene worldwide


SPEC Peak Consult Dragon Legend