Agile Bluetooth music player – Burmester 113 DAC


Date: 2013-04-29


"In recent years, Burmester has increased their pace on the introduction of new models, not by doing facelifts on old models and changing the model number, but by developing totally new categories, and the Music player 113 DAC with Bluetooth is one of them. The size of the compact 113 is the smallest among Burmester products, and the front panel has an anodized hairline finish. Although not the typical chrome version, yet it still epitomizes superb German metal craftsmanship. The Bluetooth function on the 113 has 3 coding selections, SBC (Sub-Band Coding) High, SBC Low and apt-X, and sound quality is best with apt-X due to the least loss of data among the three with a bandwidth of 20Hz-22KHz, a bit higher than the SBC’s 20Hz-17Khz and their transmission frameworks are also different. However, some older Bluetooth versions might not be compatible with apt-X…"


PDF Agile Bluetooth music player – Burmester 113 DAC