German delicacy – Ascendo C6 coaxial loudspeaker


Date: 2013-05-08


"German audio products are famous for their down-to-earth designs, even though their outlooks may not be as glamourous as their Italian or French counterparts, sound performance-wise they are very transparent with great subtlety. A good example would be the Ascendo C6 floorstanding loudspeaker from Germany; white finish with simple contour and coaxial drive units. The speakers’ imaging is so good that when you close your eyes and listen to the music, the speakers are dissolved into the scene and it feels like live. There is also a setup adjustment mode for near-wall placements so one would not have to worry about the playback being affected by the reflection from the wall… "


PDF German delicacy – Ascendo C6 coaxial loudspeaker

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