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Date: 2021-03-22


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Classic Anniversary is the easiest series of Siltech silver-gold alloy conductors. It adopts advanced metallurgical technology and is designed based on a large number of test data and scientific research. It pursues the lowest value of electricity, capacitance and inductance, allowing the audio system to fully play its role. The performance of this series surpasses the imagination of ordinary wires. Through the combination of cutting-edge research on electromagnetic interference effects and micro-engineering technology, it creates a quietness that is 10,000 times higher than that of competitors. When you connect it to the system, you will understand the greatness. Even if you change a analog audio interconnect cable, digital cable, power cable or speaker cable, Siltech will show a significant improvement in value for money, and retrieve the missing weak music. Signal, and further reduce the distortion of low-level signal, thereby enhancing the performance of music to a higher level.


Sale price models include

Interconnect cable: Classic 330i, Classic 550i, Classic 770i
Speaker cable: Classic 330L, Classic 550L, Classic 770L
Power cord: Classic SPX-800
USB cable: Classic USB

*** Except Classic Network Cable ***


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