Thorens's new retro TD124 DD enters the Fink Team Studio as an analog source reference device



Date: 2021-03-10


Surprisingly, Thorens's classic retro of the new TD 124 DD Turntable was stationed in the studio of the speaker brand Fink Team and became a reference device for their new analog source. Fink Team speaker designer Karl Heinz Fink is one of the world's famous industrial designers. If you can please his golden ears, you might also agree with the sound quality of the TD 124 DD.

Since its launched in 1957, the classic TD 124 has been used in countless radio studios around the world for decades, and has quickly become a high-precision vinyl turntable for aspiring music lovers. So far, there are still many loyal fans who love TD 124.

Thorens has now inherited this tradition with the newly developed TD 124 DD with innovative technology. The design and basic structure are all derived from the TD 124. The height-adjustable aluminum chassis is equipped with mushroom-shaped vibration damping rubber elements. The new TD 124 DD uses a "high-precision" direct drive motor to replace the TD 124. which can provides powerful torque, achieves precise speed control, and keeps harmful vibrations generated by the motor away from the turntable.

Thorens TD 124 DD builds the "Best Sound"
The tonearm TP 124 is a new development. It can be precisely adjusted to the selected cartridge in all parameters, and has an innovative anti-skid design, as well as ruby bearings and a patented electric tonearm lifter, which can gently raise and lower the stylus.

In addition to a wealth of tuning options, the included cartridge shell has great flexibility in choosing cartridges. The TD 124 DD also comes with an extra weight to match the Thorens SPU TD 124 cartridge, which can be purchased separately. This is another legendary vinyl device, an updated version of the famous Ortofon SPU. Thorens and Ortofon jointly created SPU 124 to provide vinyl enthusiasts to use.

Thorens paid attention to every detail when developing the new version TD 124 DD to meet the highest sound quality requirements. A high-quality external power supply can ensure uninterference power supply. In addition to the RCA unbalanced output terminals, the turntable also provides a balanced XLR connection. When the TD 124 DD is connected to a properly configured phono amplifier and high-end audio system, it can ensure the best signal transmission and get the best sound.

Each TD 124 DD will get a signed certificate of the factory.