Siltech 35 Anniversary new packing more noble


Date: 2020-09-15


The Siltech 35 Anniversary series has now change to a new packing and incorporated into the Royal Signature series. It becomes the emperor red along with the box of this series. Please pay attention to Siltech fans!

As a new series created to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Siltech's founding at that time, its wire used Siltech's top-notch S8 single crystal silver (Monocrystal Silver) conductor in service, and its technology was taken from the flagship Three Crown. Due to the reduction in the use of wire conductors, the price of the 35th anniversary series is only one-third of it! Become the one with the closest price to Siltech's S8 single crystal sterling silver signal line, allowing more people to experience the power of Siltech silver wire. The manufacturer has repeatedly used the word "perfect" for this series, and to emphasize this conductor excellent characteristics.

In addition to the use of S8 single crystal silver conductors, all wires of the original 35 Anniversary are insulated with expensive and high-performance materials such as Kapton and Peek, and the shielding net is also made of G7, which is second only to S8 single crystal gold and silver alloy. The best of Siltech all rolled into one.