PMC launches 'improved' Twenty5i series speaker family



Date: 2020-07-31


PMC launches 'improved' Twenty5i series speaker family


PMC, as a world-renowned professional monitor and Hi-end home brand, the twenty5 series has always been the best-selling product of the brand. Since its inception, it has not only been praised by users all over the world and won numerous awards. For two consecutive years (2018/2019), it was selected by "What Hi-Fi?" as the reference combination of audio-visual surround sound system.

A few months ago, PMC launched the improved version "The twenty5i series". As an important member of the series’ R&D team, PMC R&D engineer Toby Ridley said: “twenty5 is a very successful series. Since the release of the series, PMC has done a lot of research on improving the analytical ability of loudspeakers, and believes that the results of these researches will provide better unit performance and sound diffusion, and strengthen the elimination of cabinet resonance. These studies are in The design and improvement of the fact flagship model fenestria played a key role and also promoted the design and birth of the twenty5i series.” This new series inherits all the advantages of the twenty5 series and can provide sharper, more transparent and more realistic sound performance.

The core changes from the 2016 Twenty5 series are a new tweeter, a re-engineered crossover, different finishes and a brushed rather than polished back panel. The aim for PMC was to create a more open and expressive sound. PMC is respected worldwide for its soft-dome mid-range drivers, and the flagship twenty5.26i, the largest in the range, features a third driver dedicated to the all-important mid frequencies, where the critical detail is to be found in vocal recordings. The three-way design ensures that each important frequency range has its own dedicated driver, so that the speaker can fill even the largest spaces with absolute transparency and clarity. This is a sublime speaker that can expand with you as you upgrade your system, and bring out the very best in whatever equipment you connect it to.

Due to the use of new units, the crossover also needs to be redesigned. It uses military- grade fiberglass circuit boards. The crossover design pursues smooth connection of the frequencies of each unit and maintains accurate phase. PMC believes that the position of all parts on the crossover also affects the sound, and it is finalized after careful consideration and continuous testing.

The damping design of the bracket at the bottom of the cabinet is another focus of improvement. twenty5.26i adopts the damping design of the flagship fenestria, which has a better decoupling effect on external vibration. The new damping design is beneficial to high-frequency performance and makes the sound more open and full of freshness. Lively.


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