Date: 2021-05-10


The Classic becomes a Legend

The Siltech new Classic Legend range of interconnects, loudspeaker cables and power cords delivers exceptional performance for its price. It offers superb value for money thanks to the combination of Siltech’s ultra low loss G9 silver-gold alloy conductors, and an exclusive insulation package using DuPont Teflon and PEEK, for superlative electrical and mechanical noise rejection.

The latest in Siltech’s Classic series of cables, Legend represents the culmination of over thirty years of research into conductor and insulation materials. Despite its moderate pricing, it has low capacitance, excellent high frequency characteristics and the lowest possible distortion. This translates to a superbly resolved sound with a smooth, balanced tonality and exceptional stereo imaging properties.



  • Exclusive Siltech G9 silver-gold alloy conductor
  • Bespoke DuPont Teflon and PEEK insulation
  • Class-leading sound quality
  • Ultra low measured distortion
  • Superb RF and magnetic interference rejection
  • Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands
  • Analog, digital, speaker and power cables
  • Siltech NFC tag ensures product authenticity
  • Excellent value for money


Classsic Legend range:
Interconnects: 380i、680i、880i
Ground cable: Zero Ohm Link
Loudspeaker cables: 380L、680L、880L
Power cable: 380P、680P、880P
Digital cables: 380D、380 USB、Network