We at Acoustic Signature built excellent turntables real mechanical masterpieces. But still they are record player for every day. How does that work? we see good design, excellent sound and usability not as opposites but as parts of a harmonious whole. Triple X.

With the Triple X we offer a wide variety of surface option. 4 colors for the top plate and 2 for the plinth. Combined with 3 different platter options: 9 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch tonearm. Low vibration precise motor position in the left back side. Accourate Quartz digital motor electronic built-in at no extra charge Sanwich construction made of steel, MDF and damping components – Built-at 50kg total weight!



Technical Specifications:


Driver 1 synchronous motor with electronic speed control, mains decoupled adjustable, beta DIG motor electronics
Bearing High Precision Tidorfolon Bearing
Chassis Sandwich mass chassis with 3 adjustable feet. Sandwich of steel, MDF and damping material
Platter High precison platter made of aluminium, 50mm height. silencers optional
Speed Range 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM switchable electronic control
Power Supply ~~AC 96V - 260V
Weight approximately 49-51 kg, depending on equipment