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There are many good reasons to purchase an Acoustic Signature turntable. If it were only the technical excellence, a turntable from Acoustic Signature would perhaps not be so unique or desirable; because it goes without saying that our turntables are engineered and manufactured to the very highest standards. No, there is much more involved than technical excellence. It starts with the love of music and a passionate pursuit of great musical performances. That coupled to exceptional design and engineering skills within the Acoustic Signature team, creates a perfect musical product for you.


In a world where everything seems to be produced quicker and cheaper, at Acoustic Signature we believe in taking our time, at both the critical design stage and during manufacture. Our products are essentially handmade, supported by very high technology such as CAD design and CNC manufacturing. All this to produce great turntables, to ensure all our products are made to perfection and sound their best.

The quest for perfection and perfect musical enjoyment are becoming unfashionable qualities in a world driven by lower and lower costs. At Acoustic Signature, these ‘old’ qualities remain central to our business, and will always continue to be. This is the reason why discerning people all over the world are buying our products. With an Acoustic Signature turntable, you are buying more than a beautiful and great sounding product; you are buying into our passion - joining us in our enjoyment of great music made musical.

Gunther Frohnhöfer

The Silencer Platter

Since we invented the ‘Silencer Platter’ in 2000 we have continuously improved the performance results and have now achieved platter damping that is unbeaten by any other product. The gold plated Silencers are of course visually attractive and make the Acoustic Signature turntables even more desirable than without them but good looks was not the reason to implement them into our products. The Silencers absorb and reduce vibrations whilst the vinyl disk is playing and you are listening. So, where do the vibrations come from, that we so wish to remove from the platter? There are several sources. First, the cartridge needle itself, playing a record causes vibrations and resonance in the vinyl, due to the movement of the needle tracking the record groove. It’s easy to check by simply turning the volume down on your amplifier, you can still listen to the music directly from the needle/vinyl with your ear close to it. The needle is actually putting vibration back into the record as it tracks the groove, causing vibration in the whole Vinyl record. This leads to ‘micro’ miss-tracking of the cartridge, when picked up by the needle along side the actual signal you want from the track, with a very small time delay between the two. The Silencers in the platter absorb some of this unwanted vibration and improve the sound reproduction dramatically. The second source of vibration is air waves hitting the platter and turntable body from your loud speakers whilst you’re listening to music. Your cartridge/stylus doesn´t care where movement comes from, be it the grooves or other vibrations. Your cartridge simply produces an electrical signal when vibrating and all vibrations coming through the turntable will result in unwanted signals, resulting in a loss of detail resolution and imaging from your precious vinyl records. The Silencers absorb these unwanted vibrations, leading to a huge improvement in sound fidelity, improving your listening experience. To give you an idea how much the Silencers will improve the listening experience, we have conducted tests in an independent laboratory on two identical platters, one with and one without eight silencers fitted. The results are dramatic.