MRE 220




Technical Data:


Understated, faithful, perfect: these are the qualities of the OCTAVE MRE220 monoblock tube power amplifiers. The art of perfection in detail – all components are precisely matched and sophisticated circuitry is used to eliminate all sources of interference.The MRE 220 performs as discerning music lovers would expect: authentic and undistorted, full of power and brilliance.The completely newly engineered MRE 220 delivers outstandingly faithful sound reproduction at all frequencies and loads.The intelligent control and monitoring systems offer the listener maximum reliability and convenience.The elegant, understated front panel of the MRE 220 conceals a range of brilliant technical but highly sophisticated details which enable the tubes to operate completely free of interference. Starting with the transformer, OCTAVE has even topped its own extremely high standards. All of Andreas Hofmann’s years of experience in transformer design are manifested in this transformer: the precision PM (Philbert Mantelschnitt) transformer cores, the highly symmetrical windings and the double magnetic screening of the mains transformer. This ensures that the mains power supply unit delivers the follow-on stages – the push-pull KT120 power amplifier and the driver stage an absolutely clean operating voltage. Perfect ground separation completely blocks mains-borne interference, including medium and high-frequency noise. This makes the MRE 220 extremely low noise and low hum, allowing it to be used in combination with sensitive high-performance speakers.The MRE220 pulls out all the stops. Where there was any room for even “a little more”, “a little more” was integrated.Its unblemished, faithful sound cannot be achieved by making compromises. The monoblock amplifiers produce a full 2 x 220 W, with none of the components approaching anywhere near its limit during normal use. Linear frequency ranges extending to well beyond the audible range, combined with the sheer power, provide a listening experience free of coloration, noise and mains interference – absolutely faithful music reproduction up to the OCTAVE standard.“The purity, power, transparency and flexibility of this reliable and amenable tube amplifier duo make it a benchmark for power amplifiers all around the world”.

Tube complement 4 x KT120
Power Output 130W into 4Ohm
Frequency response 10Hz - 80kHz / ±1.5dB
Signal to noise ratio >100dB
Dimensions 488 x 186 x 410mm (W x H x D)
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