Rear projection at its best

Nowadays rear projection is slightly neglected, even though there can be found many attractive solutions.

NIVO rear scores with a very high material strength (good flatness) and has a high gain factor of 4.1! For that reason even within bright environments, a superior picture quality with high contrast and luminance is guaranteed.

Besides from that, NIVO rear also delivers (compared to similar fabrics) outstanding characteristics in terms of its projection range, as well as a high color neutrality and sharpness.

Technical details:

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Not acoustic-transparent

For back projection

Material: PVC – Strength 0.6mm incl. grey back coating

Front constitution: Grey transparent face structure

Gain factor: 4.1 – extreme high brilliancy

Perspective: 100 degree – rather narrow projection range

Maximum possible seamless screen size: 416cm (21:9) or 550cm (16:9)