M.C.X CD Player



Technical Data:


Exceptional Fluidity4 separate DAC boards with PCM1704 multi-bit DACs, discrete transistor I-V and analogue filter. Each board has a separate regulated supply for DAC and audio circuitsMultiple stages of voltage regulation for critical circuitsVery low jitter master clock distribution with multiple voltage regulators and smoothing (CD mode)Re-clocking of critical digital signals to the DAC (CD mode)Large toroidal power transformer with separate windings for mechanism, CD display, DAC and audio outputs

Analogue outputs

4V RMS (XLR balanced)

2V RMS (RCA unbalanced)

Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB, CD source
Distortion Less than 0.005%, CD source 1 x XLR balanced
Outputs 2 pairs of loudspeaker sockets for bi-wiring
Digital inputs

1 x AES, XLR, 110 Ohms

2 x BNC 75 Ohms

2 x Optical ‘Toslink’

Digital outputs

1 x BNC, 0.5V, 75 Ohms, terminated

1 x RCA, 0.5V, 75 Ohms, terminated

1 x Optical

Radio FM band

87.5 – 108MHz

DAB band III

DAB L band

Communication External remote control receiver input

RJ45 input ‘exlink’

RJ45 output ‘exlink’

Power supply input Internally adjustable for 110V–120V or 220V– 240V, 50 -60Hz
Power consumption 35W with power on, 25W on stand-by
Size (W x D x H) 490 x 414 x 104mm
Weight 20kg
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