The Nanning International AV Show 2015


Date: 2015-12-12


Nanning of Guangxi province in December sees its golden season as usual. The 10th Nanning International AV Show 2015 was held at the Mingyuan New Century Hotel in December 2015 and attracted more attendees than it had previously. The event lasted three days and truly reflected a favourable atmosphere of audio and music culture.

Products we distribute were exhibited in VIP Room 2 as in previous shows. The demo equipment comprised the 089 CD player, 088 preamplifier and 911 MK5 power amplifier by Burmester of Germany. The speaker used was the new MB2 Deluxe monitor speaker by PMC of UK. BTL cabling was used throughout. On static display were the Twenty Series of speakers bu PMC, the 101 integrated amplifier, 102 CD player and B10 bookshelf speaker by Burmester, the Canadian made Bryston electronics and the full range of Chord cables from UK.

Two affordable British packages for sale at the show venue were introduced, namely the PMC Twenty.24 floorstander + Exposure 3010S2 CD player + 3010S2 integrated amplifier and PMC Twenty.21 + Exposure 1010 CD player + 1010 integrated amplifier. They were attractive enough to arouse the desire of visitors at the show venue and well reflected consumers' love for products we distribute.

The highlight of this year's exhibition was three hottest CAS digital audio combinations - a Bryston system comprising BDP-2 digital player, BDA-2 decoder, BHA-1 headphone amplifier driving an Audeze LCD3 orthodynamic headphone, a Lindemann's MusicBook20 streaming player and MusicBook15 USB DAC partnering Aedle VK-1 Classic headphone from France. A number of audiophiles was found to have taken a ride from other cities to hear these CAS systems.

During the demo sessions a famous music producer made his appearance and joined our technical director Mr. Yan to share a few of his excellent productions with attendees. All audiophiles were able to experience the spellbinding sound of high-end audio products.

The Nanning International AV Show 2015 was not only a desirable AV fair but was also an ample musical experience. We look forward to seeing you all and bringing in more quality audio products next year.