22nd Beijing International Audio/Visual Fair

Date: 2015-09-26


The Beijing International Audio Fair 2015 took place at Kuntai Hotel from 18th to 20th September. It has been 22 years since its inception in 1994. Strongly supported by the government of Beijing City, the fair has become the only authoritative A/V exhibition in Northern China.


This year Richcoln Company Limited was to demonstrate two audio systems in Exhibition Halls 11, 12 and S626. The first system comprised BURMESTER 089 CD player, Jubilee Series of valve preamplifier and mono power amplifiers by OCTAVE AUDIO and PMC BB5 SE monitor loudspeaker, with BTL Miracle cabling throughout. The second system comprised ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE Storm MK2 analogue record deck, BURMESTER Phono 100 phono amplifier, OCTAVE HP700 preamplifier and MRE220 mono power amplifier, and the Empress VII loudspeaker by PEAK CONSULT of Denmark. Giving its debut in China, the Empress VII was considered by attendees the greatest attraction. Audiophiles were overwhelmed by these two systems throughout the 3-day Exhibition.