Peak Consult





Peak Consult was founded in 1996 by Per Kristoffersen. The production started as a consultation for audiophile persons who couldn't find what they where looking for in the jungle of speakers. The ideology was to create the best speakers, in sound as well as design.

Multiple speakers have seen the light of down and many customers worldwide have a State of The Art loudspeaker from Peak Consult in their listening room.

Every person in the Peak Consult team is a skilled Danish artisan with higher goals to bring you the best loudspeaker possible. The biggest goal is to bring the listener to a "You-Are-There" sensation. The awareness of sound staging, room dimensions and sense of instrument location are high priorities in every product from Peak Consult.

Since 1996 we have kept our priorities straight and brought many enthusiasts nearer to their passion: music.


Handmade in Denmark

Every product from Peak Consult is designed and built by hand in Denmark. In many ways, that is a stamp of quality and a seal of approval in itself.

At Peak Consult we use only the best technologies and the best of craftsmanship to reach our goals. At Peak Consult we maintain full control over every aspect of development and production, in own manufacturing facilities. Each product is tested, matched and given its own unique number. When the registration card has been filled out and send to Peak Consult, it will be stored in our owner's files.



Peak Consult speakers have been thoroughly tested and measured before shipping. Performance will though continue to improve during the first 200 hours of normal use.



Every Peak Consult speaker has been designed for the use of bi wiring technology.


Care and maintenance

We take great pride in the high level of performance and finish of our products. Every speaker from Peak Consult is produced in solid wood and have been oiled and waxed to get the highest finish from a carpenter's hand. To maintain Peak Consult products in pristine condition there have been shipped bio-wax with the speaker so the speakers maintain the highest finish, year by year.



We build our speakers for the love of music. Listen to a set of Peak Consult loudspeakers and you will sense our love for the real thing: music



The multifaceted enclosure is handcrafted in our own facilities in Denmark by skilled Danish artisans in a 1.5"- 3.0" HDF specially glued sandwich material covered by 1" solid wood or HDF lacquered. At all points a resonance suppresser has been used in the construction. Special resonance suppressers have also been milled into the construction. Each material panel has been measured and hand-chosen by skilled Danish artisans.

The designs optimise the off-axis response and minimize any kind of diffraction. In order to minimize acoustical waves, there are no parallel front, back, top or bottom panels. The slant of the front panel aligns the phase and timing between tweeter, midrange and woofers. All design have been made and done to the real way of acoustical performance. The enclosure makes the attack and phase behaviours of second to none.



The tweeter:

The Danish Scan-Speak tweeter is a non-Ferro fluid 1" ring radiator, SD-2 neodymium motor with a non-resonant aluminium chamber. It features a multiple camber with low compression and a machined aluminium faceplate. Peak Consult has altered the front plate in a very different way to have a perfect behaviour that makes it to the extreme. The tweeter performs effortlessly to sonic extremes and brings the "air" as no dome tweeter before.

The midrange:

The dual Danish 6" Audiotechnology midrange is hand-built specifically for optimal behaviour in The Dragon enclosure. The driver features a cone that has been uniquely shaped for this moving system and a vented magnet system that includes Symmetric Drive, optimising the linear directivity. It performs with matchless sound staging ability and an imaging tight and sharp as a Diamond. The Midrange will set new standards to midrange behaviours and will go beyond what ever have been done.

The bass:

The dual Danish 11" Audiotechnology woofers is hand-built and specifically designed for The Dragon. Using new and special technology in the moving systems to make them very low-loss drivers. The huge magnets and ventilation systems makes the drivers reproduce very tight and extremely low frequencies - second to none. These drivers will set new standards to bass reproduction.



High frequencies:

The Dragon includes an acoustical fully compensated second order crossover in the tweeter/midrange section and it have been isolated from the moving system in it's own dual sealed department. The Dragon only features the best of the best. Dual Peak foil capacitors, silver carbon resistors and oiled/waxed inductors by Duelund Coherent products.

Low frequencies:

The low frequency includes only oiled/waxed-foiled inductors from Duelund Coherent products. The low frequencies have also been altered by our straight level impedance control. All sealed in its own isolated compartment.


Every component has been chosen for its sonic and musical behaviour, with no consideration for cost. The crossover is hardwired with silver soldering and sealed to avoid microphony distortion and to shield it from electrical and magnetic radiation from rest of the system.

Internal wire:

Peak Consult use a special OEM wire from the US cable company: Stereovox.