Touching tone - Exposure XM CD Player


In today's era, the recording industry and audiophiles are repeating history. Although streaming music playback has the potential to replace CDs, this phenomenon is like the elimination of vinyl discs from CDs in the 1980s, but whether the CD format has been swept into the trash yet? The answer is too early. Just like the current vinyl turntables, Exposure XM CD is fully capable of proving why CDs should still be taken seriously.

Exposure XM CD's case is only half the width of a 17-inch standard case. It is a push-lid top-mounted CD player with a PCM 1716 / 24Bit decoder chip inside. It has very high analytical power and is optimized for both Used as a turntable with an external decoder, the panel display can be turned off by the user to reduce music background noise. The audio output circuit and the circuits of all levels are regulated and powered by independent power supplies. The large toroidal power transformer with independent two windings is used for the CD transmission mechanism and the audio stage to block the mutual interference. The high-precision crystal clock can reduce the time base error and improve the accuracy of decoding. The high-quality double-sided PCB makes the parts have the best layout to shorten the signal transmission path as much as possible, and the aluminum housing and milling thick aluminum panel are used to effectively suppress resonance and stray electromagnetic fields.

XM CD is an economical and affordable multifunctional product created by Exposure. In some expensive CD player designs, the top-mounted push-lid CD inserting device is the mainstream. XM CD shares this sound-friendly design. It is also important that the simple panel only retains the CD operation buttons of STOP, PLAY/PAUSE, and SKIP UP/DOWN. All other functions are located on the remote control of the follower (also applicable to the XM series amplifiers). The various input/output interfaces of the back panel are just right. In addition to the single-ended RCA socket, there are two digital outputs, one is Toslink (optical) and the other is S/PDIF real 75 ohm BNC, which can convert XM CD As a CD turntable, connect an external decoder with better sound quality.

When XM CD is playing, you only need to slide the top cover back, place the CD on the shaft, and then cover with a magnetic CD press, and then slide back to the top cover to automatically read the disc. When playing, the XM CD produced a strong and fascinating sound, and the rhythm of the music was quite good. Try playing Ryan Adams or Rag And Bone Man's discs. The music energy and realism are delightful, and the sound is smooth and coherent. This may not be the sharpest CD player you have ever heard, and super transparency or superb analytical power is not its strongest, but when everything becomes so straightforward and enjoyable, what else is there to worry about? ?

The XM may become one of the valuable and musically enjoyable products. But when you connect it to the digital input on a DAC or a high-quality integrated amplifier, things start to become very interesting. First of all, you will not have the slightly softer ambiguity, so that the analog output music will be organized and rounder, and provide clearer, more detailed and rapid sound performance, and further improve the XM CD playback level.

Exposure XM CD is actually a three-in-one product; CD player, turntable, decoding, and then through a few simple steps can make one of the best performance, its sound is cheerful, the sound field is open and rhythmic Bright, it is easy to devote yourself to enjoying music. The sound effects created by XM CD are comparable to models that are more than twice as expensive or even higher. In addition to various sound elements, the indispensable sense of space creation is also one of Exposure's characteristics.