What is the standard of sound for Hi-Fi?



Article from《Xuite blog》

Audio is a personal hobby, so many friends will pursue the sound that they like, because the audio is listened to by themselves. Of course, this is understandable, but when be with a group of people that enjoy HI-Fi as much as you do, If you want to ask everyone to agree with your favorite voice, it may not be what you want, because it involves everyone's requirements. If you really want people to agree at this time, your Hi-Fi voice must meet the required standard voice, otherwise just play with a few friends who have the same orientation, so that you don't have to get angry with all the opinions afterwards.

So what is the standard sound of Hi-Fi? I think it’s not correct to use timbre as a standard to quantify the sound of Hi-Fi combination, because everyone has a timbre they like. This cannot be used as a standard. Just like I like blue and others like pink. In my cognition, I will use the balance of high, medium and low frequency to measure whether the combination meets the standard, because I think this is more objective. So how do you hear the balance of high, mid, and low frequencies in terms of hearing? I will use the sound field realignment to measure the balance of the high, mid and low frequencies. I think that no matter how much a set of combo costs, as long as the high, mid, and low frequencies are adjusted smoothly, the correct sound field position the different positions of the various instruments of the symphony orchestra can be displayed. For example, the first violin group should be a little before the sound field, on the left hand side of the listener, while the woodwind instrument is in the middle of the sound field, and the timpani is behind the sound field. If the low frequency of the combination is excessive, then the drum sound that should be behind the sound field will go to the front of the sound field. For example, when the combination is low or high frequency, the correct position of the violin group will not be found. In addition, after the HI FI combination reaches the balance of the various frequency bands, whether it is playing jazz, pop music and symphony, it has a certain level, and it will not be biased to be suitable for playing certain types of music.

Speaking of timbre, when the balance of each frequency band is achieved, of course, you can adjust the tone according to your personal requirements. If you like the violin sound to be warm, you can slightly reduce the high frequency, if you are looking for a thicker vocal tone , You can slightly increase the sense of volume in the intermediate frequency. Of course, the above adjustments are all based on the overall balance. I believe that if a proper balance is achieved, most of the friends will agree with your combined voice.